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Sometimes the best way to remember or honor a loved one is to help someone in need.

When an occasion calls for a special remembrance, a tax-deductible contribution to the Council on Aging makes a gift that gives in many ways. To make an online tribute or memorial gift, click here.


  • Bob and Dorothy Albertson - In Honor of Pamala McGovern
  • Frank L. Haselton - In Honor of Art and Kevin Homrighausen
  • Julianne Holt - In Honor of Theresa Beard
  • Justin and Kristi Davis - In Honor of Sharon Smith
  • Lisa Pierson - In Honor of Eloise & Kathy Thompson
  • Mary and Mike Tasker - In Honor of Cheryl Meronk and Huong Dang
  • Maxine Broderick - In Honor of Jane Steckler - thanks for your good work
  • Richard J. Reinhardt - In Honor of Ms. Mary Selby
  • Terry Hustwick - In Honor of Virginia Carlyle

In Remembrance

  • Anne C. Luce - In Memory of Capt. WM T. Luce, USN
  • Art and Tricia Homrighausen - In Memory of Mr. George Smyth
  • Betty Bartley - In Memory of Bill Day
  • Betty Bent - In Memory of Willard M. Masterson
  • Carolyn Corradini - In Memory of Lorraine Corradini
  • CP2 Engineering & Sales, Inc. - In Memory of Michel Remion
  • Darren Baker - In Memory of Beverly J. Baker
  • Evelyn Martinson - In Memory of Robert H. Martinson
  • Gary Gilster - In Memory of Bill Day
  • Hedy Kirsh - In Memory of Bill Day
  • Jack and Marcia Napoli - In Memory of Stella Napoli and Annetta Moore
  • John and Carol Geisbauer - In Memory of Lena Gruel
  • Kevin Markee - In Memory of Beverly Aronson
  • Maria Delis - In Memory of Ida Maglio
  • Norma C. Waller - In Memory of George Smythe
  • Robert and Diane Seats - In Memory of Juanita Ruiz & Josephine Gonzales
  • Robert C Boehm - In Memory of Bill Day
  • Ronald Vanherpen - In Memory of Bill Day
  • Sergio Zarelli - In Memory of his American Brother George Smyth

For additional information, contact Jamie Cansler , 714-479-0107 ext. 268.