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How FAST Can Help

In Orange County, 7,200 elder abuse cases were reported in 2011. It is estimated that five times that number go unreported.

The Council on Aging’s Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) is a multi-disciplinary group of public and private professionals who volunteer their time to advise Adult Protective Services (APS), our Ombudsmen, law enforcement and private attorneys on matters of vulnerable adult financial abuse.


  • Provides education on financial abuse to the public and other professionals
  • Works with legislative groups to create and strengthen the laws available to protect our vulnerable adult population.

FAST helps in many ways by advising and educating the public and other professionals on:

  • Common schemes
  • Scams and frauds used to prey upon the vulnerable adult population

Please see our Calendar for upcoming FAST lectures and presentations.

You would NOT call FAST to report financial elder abuse. FAST is NOT a law enforcement or investigatory agency.

For assistance in reporting abuse:

  • At a Residential Facility, please contact our Ombudsman Program at 714-479-0107
  • For those living independently, please contact APS at 1-800-451-5155.

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