We Should Not Be Silent

Statement from Council on Aging – Southern California CEO & President, Lisa Wright Jenkins on Racial Injustice & Equity

During these difficult times, we affirm that discrimination against the black community is wrong and must not be tolerated. We believe discrimination and violence are unacceptable. We believe in advancing equity and supporting safety, economic security and well-being for all.

Forty-seven years ago, our founders joined together with a mission to advocate and protect underserved older adults, particularly those in long-term care facilities. Our mission remains unchanged. We support the independence, health and dignity of older adults through compassion, education and advocacy. We support diversity and inclusion within our workforce, our volunteer base and among those we serve every day.

At the Council on Aging – Southern California, we encourage older adults and their families to have heart-to-heart conversations about difficult subjects, including aging. This is not a singular conversation, but multiple conversations involving family members, loved ones, friends and community members. Through conversation, we can gain understanding, foster collaboration, take action and plan for the future.
Similarly, we encourage heart-to-heart discussions about what is happening in America today.

While we can condemn or lament the situation and hope for change, it is only through conversation, understanding and action that we will begin to advance social change in our communities.

Together, we can help ensure that everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect.