Transforming Challenging Situations into Positive Outcomes

Concierge Care Navigators (CCN) recently helped a loving couple in their late eighties. They had been married for sixty- five years and living independently until being diagnosed with Covid-19.  The couple were ultimately hospitalized at different times. The husband recuperated quickly and was transferred to a skilled nursing facility when CCN was contacted by one of their sons. Our Registered Nurse coordinated the details of husband’s discharge and met with him and his son at home to organize his medications, arrange for caregiving assistance, and coordinate the installation of necessary safety modifications.

Unfortunately, his wife did not respond as well to the challenges of Covid-19.  She underwent a tracheostomy was put on ventilator to assist her breathing.  Upon being transferred to a skilled nursing facility, the family contacted us again for nursing advice and assistance. Our Registered Nurse encouraged the family to visit their mother outside the facility, providing her much needed encouragement.  Then, our RN worked with the facility to review her medical records, only to discover she had not been given her thyroid medication for months in the hospital.   Fortunately, after several months of struggling with anxiety and depression, the wife made a miraculous recovery.  She was taken off her ventilator and feeding tube.  She became social, funny, and endearing to our RN and to the entire staff at the facility. Shortly thereafter, she was discharged back to her home.  Our Registered Nurse was there to meet her to facilitate a smooth transition.

From family support, advocacy, to medication management and more, Concierge Care Navigators transforms challenging situations into positive outcomes for individuals and their families.  We strive to improve health, longevity, and quality of life.  During a recent follow up visit with the couple, our Registered Nurse watched the husband in the kitchen carefully prepare sandwich for the love of his life. She was smiling back at him…like only a woman in love for 65 years can do!

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