• 1st Place—”Terrell” by Jana Pesek

  • 2nd Place—”The Journey” by Michael Kitada

  • 3rd place—”Moxie” by Lynn Seeden

  • Honorable Mention—”With Pigeons” by Mark Coggins

  • Honorable Mention—”Radish Queen” by Christina Shook

  • 1st Place—”Woman with Shawl” by Randy Lewis

  • 2nd Place—”4 Generations” by Linda Arnado

  • 3rd place—”Ageless Smiles” by Isadora Hong

  • Honorable Mention—”Great Grandma’s Love” by Alan Fleming

  • Honorable Mention—”Keep Walking” by Qian Yuan


  • 1st Place—”Tammy” by Pedro Oliveira

  • 2nd Place—”Survivor” by Michael Kitada

  • 3rd place—”Fidel” by Pedro Oliveira

  • Honorable Mention—”One Tough Cowboy” by Susan Brown Matsumoto

  • Honorable Mention—”The Final Chapter” by Susan Brown Matsumoto

  • 1st Place—”Me vs Parkinson’s” by Jamshid Goshtasbipour

  • 2nd Place—”Seeker” by Jamshid Goshtasbipour

  • 3rd place—”Man in Doorway” by Veronica Gray

  • Honorable Mention—”Marketa’s Joy” by Colleen Bevacqua

  • Honorable Mention—”Catalina” by Veronica Gray


  • 1st Place—”Unwinding” by Raul Lozano

  • 2nd Place—”Medieval Beauty” by Pedro Oliveira

  • 3rd Place—”Mute and Deaf” by James Nordstrom

  • Honorable Mention—”Dignity has no Address” by Pedro Oliveira

  • Honorable Mention—”Beloved II” by Leslie Bird

  • 1st Place—”Argentine Tango Dancers” by Colleen Bevacqua

  • 2nd Place—”Power” by Jamshid Goshtasbipour

  • 3rd Place—”Staying Together” by Jamshid Goshtasbipour

  • Honorable Mention—”Reindeer Jump” by Terry Globerson

  • Honorable Mention—”Reunion of Cousins” by Terry Globerson


  • 1st Place—”Eyes of Time” by Debbie Lefever

  • 2nd Place—”Ground Control to Major Tom” by Mary Jane Blackwell

  • 3rd Place—”The King James!” by Pedro Oliveira

  • Honorable Mention—”The Wizard of the Park” by Pedro Oliveira

  • Honorable Mention—”Joy of Courage” by Debbie Lefever

  • 1st Place—”Another Day” by Dan Kee

  • 2nd Place—”Ecuadorian Grandmother” by Colleen Bevacqua

  • 3rd Place—”Pursuit of Knowledge” by Jamshid Goshtasbipour

  • Honorable Mention—”Cuban Man on Street” by Colleen Bevacqua

  • Honorable Mention—”The Love of Family is Forever” by Elena Gordon


  • 1st Place—”Wilmer Brandt, Marshfield, Vermont” by Edward L. Rubin

  • 2nd Place—”The Smooch” by Sally Ann Field

  • 3rd Place—”Years of Wisdom” by Susan Brown Matsumoto

  • Honorable Mention—”A Family Portrait” by Gary Gabler

  • Honorable Mention—”Peter and Elka Schumann, Glover, Vermont” by Edward L. Rubin

  • 1st Place—”Inspiration” by Kevin Billy

  • 2nd Place—”Beauty Has No Age Limit” by Scott Hutchinson

  • 3rd Place—”Best Friends” by Jerry Weber

  • Honorable Mention—”Waiting” by Bridget Bourgon

  • Honorable Mention—”Hand of Genius” by Deanna Sciaraffa


  • 1st Place—”Akiko” by Izumi Tanaka

  • 2nd Place—”Eric (85)” by Gary Zuercher

  • 3rd Place—”Not Many Left” by Debbie Lefever

  • Honorable Mention—”The Covering” by Rick Rickman

  • Honorable Mention—”A Daughter’s Everyday Visit” by Cindy Yamanaka


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