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The Numbers

  • 387,600 seniors living in Orange County. By 2025, there will be over 800,000 seniors. This is often referred to as the Silver Tsunami.
  • 56% of Medicare beneficiaries are female.
  • Total Medicare spending in Orange County was approximately $4 Billion.
    (Total Medicare spending in California was $50,604,000,000 which was 10.7% of total US Medicare spending- CA Medicare Population is over 4 million).
  • 7.2% of seniors in Orange County live below the poverty line.
  • Over 225,000 Californians become victims each year of elderly/dependent abuse.
  • Nearly 170,000 older adults in Orange County reported not having anyone to help them when they experience difficulties.
  • In Orange County, 7,200 elder abuse cases were reported in 2011. It is estimated that five times that number go unreported.