SmileMakers Holiday Gift Program: Fulfilling Holiday Wishes for Older and Disabled Adults in Our Community

Our SmileMakers mobilize community support to provide holiday gifts to older and disabled adults in skilled nursing and residential care facilities every year.

Thousands of older adults are isolated and alone, having no family and friends with whom they can share special moments like the holidays.
Our SmileMakers coordinate with our Ombudsmen to provide individually wrapped gifts to thousands of long-term care residents who would otherwise be forgotten.
See our SmileMakers Holiday Program in action: SmileMakers Holiday Video
Interested in fulfilling an angel gift request for a lonely senior this holiday season? It’s easy if you use our Amazon Wish List: SmileMakers Amazon Wish List
Holiday Gifts to Isolated Seniors
Volunteer Hours

Because No Senior Should Be Forgotten

  • Adopt an Angel Gift Tag. Each Angel Tag includes a specific gift request from an isolated older adult.
  • Participate in our Holiday Wrap Room. Over a two-week timeframe, we collect and wrap over 6,500 gifts to be delivered throughout Orange County and Riverside County.

  • Become a SmileMakers Ambassador. Help coordinate a holiday gift drive with your employer, social group or church.
  • Join the SmileMakers Guild. Help us reach out to organizations for donations and participate in the SmileMakers Holiday Gift Project.
  • Spread the word. Invite your family and friends to join us.
  • Donate today. Make a contribution to the Council on Aging to help a senior in need.

Help Fulfill A Senior’s Wish

Learn more about how you can get involved and bring a smile to someone in need. Contact Jamie Cansler at (714) 479-0107 or email [email protected], or submit the form below.
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A Special Thank You to Our 551 Corporate Volunteers
for Their Time, Love, and Effort