The Secret to Longevity? “Just Don’t Die!”

Have you ever received a random phone call that brightened your day? That made you smile? Elmer called the Council on Aging – Southern California one day, almost five years ago, and something beautiful happened. Elmer called us to talk about our Answers Guide and how much he loved it. He especially liked sharing this great resource with his friends and family. During this call, Elmer mentioned he had a milestone coming up, his 100th birthday.

Preparing for the Future – Who Will Care for You?

What if someone told you that next year, your life would dramatically change – and not for the better? How would you prepare for the future? This is the story about one client from our Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP). Sharon* has a disabling disease of the central nervous system that has left her living in a wheelchair for the last 20 years. She currently is 68 years old.

Finding Meaning in Life Again

“I don’t want to live a meaningless life anymore” whispered Linh, a single 68-year old Vietnamese woman. About a year ago, Linh was introduced to our ReConnect Technology class. Our ReConnect Early Intervention Services for Older Adults (EISOA) Program provides support groups, educational trainings, skill development workshops, home visitations and physical activities to improve the mental health and enhance the quality of life of older adults.