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Community Education

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Community Education Seminar Topics


Medicare is a complex maze of ever-changing regulations and coverage options that requires individuals to make critical decisions about their health care direction. HICAP is the recognized authority in providing state and federally mandated Medicare and related health insurance information.

Topics include:

  • What Medicare Covers
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Medicare Private Health Plans
  • Part D Prescription Coverage
  • Medicare and Employer Group Health Plans
  • Medicare and Retiree Health Plans
  • Health Care Reform and Medicare

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTAL INSURANCE: Is a Medigap (Supplemental) Plan Right for You?

This seminar is for individuals considering the purchase or wishing to understand Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

The discussion will include:

  • Understanding How Medicare Supplemental Insurance Works
  • Understanding the Plans
  • Consumer Protections
  • And More

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS (HMO, PPO, ETC): Understanding Your Options

Learn about the NEW Medicare Disenrollment Period which runs from January 1 – February 14 each year. A seminar for those contemplating enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan – or are already enrolled – who want to learn how to make the system work for them.

Topics include:

  • Types of Plans
  • Comparing Plans
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Your Obligations as a Medicare Advantage Member
  • How to Get Appropriate Medical Care
  • Enrollment and Disenrollment Rules

MEDICARE RX DRUG COVERAGE: Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities

This seminar provides basic information about Medicare Prescription Drug coverage.

Topics include:

  • Drug Coverage Basics
  • Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Comparing and Choosing Plans
  • Coverage Determination and Appeals
  • Extra Help
  • Cost Saving Strategies


Now is the time to get the most out of your Medicare. The best way to stay healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. You can live a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease by exercising, eating well, keeping a healthy weight, and not smoking. Medicare can help.

The seminar will cover:

  • What Disease Prevention Is and Why It’s Important
  • Which Preventive Services Are New
  • Which Preventive Services Medicare Covers and How Often
  • Who Can Get Them
  • What You Pay
  • Much More...

ROADMAP TO LONG - TERM CARE INSURANCE: Myths, Realities, Fact and Fiction

Critical decisions need to be made about your future costs concerning Long -Term Care. Learn the truth about Long -Term Care Insurance. This seminar provides information about Long -Term Care Insurance for those considering purchasing a policy.

Topics include:

  • Who Pays?
  • Do I Need Long-Term Care Insurance?
  • Basic Models of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reasons to Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance
  • The California Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance


This seminar is for those interested in learning about government programs that assist low-income beneficiaries with health care costs.

Discussion Topics include:

  • Eligibility for Various Programs
  • Medicare Overview
  • Medi-Cal Overview
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medi-Cal
  • Medi-Cal with Share of Cost
  • Medicare Savings Programs

THE MYSTERY OF MEDICARE FRAUD: Looking at Fraud in the Medicare System

This informative seminar is for all individuals concerned with preserving Medicare, and will help you understand:

  • How Fraud Undermines Medicare
  • What Medicare Fraud Is
  • New Schemes, Fraud in Medicare Part D

HICAP Does Not Sell, Recommend or Endorse any Insurance Product.

For more information or to schedule a seminar for your organization, please contact Shari Langer at 714-560-0424, extension 204.